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I received some very sad news earlier this week. A friend of mine, Dixon Coulbourn , died on Sunday after a tragic accident.

I knew Dixon through his website dedicated to The Pop Group , a band who influenced a lot of the music I like, and who Simon Underwood of Pigbag played bass with before joining Pigbag. In 1999, Dixon came over from his home in Austin, Texas to the UK to visit some friends and do some research into The Pop Group for a few weeks. He stayed with me for a few days in my flat in London, and we got on well, sharing a common interest in the music. We went to see Asian Dub Foundation at The Forum and generally had a good time.

We kept in touch by email, usually dropping each other an email when something of interest to the other person crossed our radar. Dixon and his partner, Jenni, visited London again in 2001 and we met up again briefly.

On Wednesday I picked up my email at an internet cafe, here in Kuta, Bali. There was a message from Jenni with the news of Dixon’s death. It would appear that Dixon was electrocuted by a faulty light in the pool at their apartments while celebrating Jenni’s birthday.

Both Vic and I are shocked and devastated by the news. Although we only met a couple of times, we exchanged email regularly and we felt close. It’s painful to think that he isn’t there any more and we won’t be able to meet up again. Dixon was only 4 years older than me.

It’s a terrible tragedy for Jenni and Dixon’s family and friends, the pain they must be feeling must be enormous.

The funeral was held yesterday, sadly there was no way we could attend, but we sent some flowers. The funeral directors have a website with a guestbook for obituaries and it was wonderful to read how many people had been inspired by Dixon and how well loved he was.

The Pop Group were very fortunate to have their works promoted by someone with such passion.

Dixon, we’ll all miss you.

On another sad note, another friend of mine, Beermat (aka Greg), is splitting up with Sam, his wife of 6 years. I’ve know Beermat for about 15 years and attended their wedding in 1999, one of the most unusual wedding ceremonies I’ve ever attended. Beermat also has to find somewhere new to live as he and Sam were living with her parents, and to top it all, he’s looking for a job too.

Reading his blog, it looks like he’s sorting out the practicalities but it must be very hard for him with this all coming as a surprise to him.

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  1. I am very saddened to hear this, but thank you for reporting it. I never met Disxon but his enthusiasm and good nature came across from his site and his emails. A real shame.

  2. Thanks for the message, John.

    From the obituaries that were left on the funeral director’s site, it was clear how well-loved Dixon was both in Texas and around the world.

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