Catch Up

I’ve been off blogging for a long time.

Facebook seems adequate for most things and we’ve not done much that has been worth sharing with the world rather than just with friends.

What have we done since Java in 2010? VMworld 2010 in San Francisco followed by a long weekend in Las Vegas, an holiday in Dahab in Egypt in 2011. Las Vegas again in 2011, and VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen.

No camping at festivals since Big Chill 2010, a couple of disappointing one-day festivals, good times at a Fatboy Slim gig in Brighton and The Stone Roses reunion in Manchester.

We’ve got a couple of holidays booked, one long weekend in Portugal and a 3+ week extravaganza in November starting in Thailand with the intention at the moment to go on to Burma if things work out. Those might be worth sharing….

In the meantime, I’ve posted occasionally on my tech blog ( ) should anyone fancy seeing that.