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25-30th June 2003 - Glastonbury 2003

Vic and I returned to Glastonbury for the 2003 festival. The weather was great, despite a couple of downpours. We had a very relaxing time and saw a few bands and acts.

12th July 2003 - Brighton & Possible Wedding Dress

Vic visited a bridal shop in Burgess Hill, and we spent the rest of the day in Brighton.

26/27th May 2003 - Bristol

We went to Cardiff to see Peter Kay, and on the way back stopped for a day in Bristol. We stayed at the Hotel Du Vin in the very nice Veuve Cliquot suite.

12th June 2003 - Netscalibur Company BBQ

The company had a Barbeque and Sports Day event at Mudchute City Farm, just across the road from our Dockland office. Free beer and food, what more could we ask for?.

Easter 2003 - Lincoln & Cleethorpes

Over Easter 2003, we visited Nigel's parents in Cleethorpes, and paid a visit to Lincoln, the county city of Lincolnshire.

5th May 2003 - Battersea Park & Chelsea

On May Day Bank Holiday we walked through Battersea Park, the Festival Gardens, and across the Thames to Chelsea.

March 19th 2003 - Canary Wharf, Crossharbour and Dutch Warship

Another sunny day so Nigel and some colleagues went for a walk around Docklands, visiting the Dutch warship docked there.

April 16th 2003 - The Engagement Ring

Nigel finally asked Vic to marry him on 16th April 2003. Here are a couple of pictures of the engagement ring (0.5 carat diamond set in a platinum band from Jeremy Hoye's Entwine collection).

February 2003 - Tromso in Norway

We went to Tromso, in northern Norway, principally to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately the weather was unseasonably warm and cloudy so we didn't get to see them. We did have a great time though, going dog-sledding and visiting the polar centre.

March 2003 - Mudchute City Farm

Another visit to Mudchute City Farm, with more pictures of the other animals as well as some good ones of the llamas.

December 2002 - Xmas 2002 in Cleethorpes.

After spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day with Vic's family in Bury St Edmunds, we went up to Cleethorpes to visit Nigel's parents for a few days.

January 2003 - Snow in London.

Some pictures of snow taken from the Netscalibur offices in Docklands.

December 2002 - Netscalibur UK Christmas Party.

Photos from the 2002 Netscalibur Uk Christmas Party.

December 2002 - Day After The Party.

And pictures from the day after the party, some sore heads in evidence.

November 2002 - Nigel's 36th birthday and penthouse sofa.

Some pictures from Nigel's 36th birthday, and of a sofa being deliveryed to a penthouse flat near where Nigel works.

December 2002 - Selsdon Way and Heron's Quay DLR.

Pictures of the Netscalibur office at Selsdon Way, Cityharbour, and the newly refurbished Heron's Quay DLR station.

Aug/Sep 2002 Reethi Rah (Medhu Finolhu), Maldives.

We went back to the Maldives in August 2002, to the same resort as on our previous visit. The pictures show the island from virtually every angle.

Sept 2002 - Llama Trekking at Catanger, Northants.

Just a couple of pictures of the llamas as Catanger Llama Trekking Centre which Nigel & Vic visited in September 2002.

June 2002 - Mudchute City Farm Llamas

Nigel works across the road from Mudchute City Farm in Docklands. There are all kinds of animals there, including llamas, goats, chickens, cows, pigs and sheep. These pictures just cover the llamas, but there are more of the other animals below.

Spider found in the back garden.

We found this spider spinning a web in the back garden. It had a very distinct silver stripe down its back.

May/June 2002 - New York City

At the end of May/beginning of June 2002, we spent a long weekend in New York. We missed the Queen's Golden Jubilee in the UK, but had a great time, doing plenty of shopping and sight-seeing. Lots of pictures from the top of the Empire State Building amongst other things.

Glastonbury Festival 2002

We both really enjoyed Glastonbury 2002, vowing to go back as soon as we could. The pictures were taken with a tiny l'espion digital camera.

November 2001 - Weekend away in Verona, Italy

We (Nigel & Vic) went to Verona for Nigel's birthday. The weather was very good and we enjoyed wandering around the sights and shops of Verona.

Easter 2002 - Prague

For Easter 2002, Nigel and Vic went to Prague. Once again the weather was excellent. We stayed at the Hotel Pyramida in Prague. Pictures include the Danube and bridges as well as the famous palace.

September 2001 - Koh Samui

Chaweng & Hotel

In September 2001, Nigel and Vic went to Koh Samui, in Thailand for two weeks. These are pictures of Chaweng (the main tourist resort), and the Samui Euphoria Hotel where they stayed.

Hotel & Beach

Some more photos of the hotel and the beach at Bophut.

Nathon & Chaweng

Nathon is the main town and port on Koh Samui. It's not as touristy as Chaweng, but doesn't really have much of a beach to offer. We went back to Chaweng which seems to get much more lively during the evening. This section also features a dog taking a lift on the back of a swimmer.

Island & Safari

Pictures of Koh Samui and from our Safari expedition. The safari consisted of an ox cart ride, an elephant ride, and an elephant and monkey show. The elephant ride was fun, if a bit shakey. The elephants seemed to be quite happy, stopping occasionally to eat fallen coconuts.

Koh Phang Ngan & Bangkok

Koh Phang Ngan is a smaller island adjacent to Koh Samui. It's much less developed and seems to be where the backpackers head for. Stopped overnight in Bangkok on the way back to the UK, staying in the Queens Park Hotel. It rained non-stop while we were in Bangkok so we didn't get to see anything of the city.

Before November 2001

Pictures of Nigel through the ages

Lots of pictures of Nigel from when he was very young up to current times.

Ex-BT MNS/Syncordia people

Pictures of various people Nigel worked with at BT MNS/Syncordia between 1992 and 1999

November 2000 - Trivanti at WAP Congress 2000 in Seville, Spain

During 2000 and 2001, Nigel worked for Trivanti, a joint-venture between Psion and United Business Media. The company attended the WAP Congress event in Seville during late November 2000.

February 2001 - Trivanti offices & M-Commerce Exhibition

Pictures of the Trivanti offices and the area around it, Park Crescent, near Regents Park, also pictures from the M-Commerce Exhibition where Trivanti exhibited.

February 2001 - Valentine's Weekend in Iceland

Nigel and his girlfriend, Victoria (or Vic) went to Iceland for Valentine's Day in 2001. They stayed in a hotel in Reykjavik, and visited the famous Blue Lagoon (though there aren't any photos of that here).

March 2001 - Trivanti company trip on the London Eye

Trivanti had a company evening out in March 2001, including a visit to the London Eye, with two capsules reserved for our use. These photo's were taken from the eye at around 6pm, just as it was starting to get dark.

April 6th 2001 - Charles Thackaberry's leaving Genie drinks

Nigel and Vic worked with Charles Thackaberry at Genie in 2000/2001. These pictures are from his leaving do, and feature quite a few of the people who worked on Genie from the BT side. Charles is an excellent chap!

June 2nd 2001 - Weekend away in Bath

In June 2001, Nigel and Vic visited Bath. They stayed in a hotel at Warminster and spent Saturday wandering around Bath on a great sunny day.

August 17th 2001 - Netscalibur office and party

Nigel started working for Netscalibur UK in July 2001. At the time, Netscalibur had regular "Beer Bust" events, involing much drinking and socialising. These pictures are from the August 2001 event, which had a Caribbean theme.

Various friends and colleagues 1999-2001

Various people Nigel and Vic worked with, or are friends with, from around 1999-2001. Let me know if you want including/excluding.

BT Business Networks Dry Ski Trip

Photos from the BT Syncordia Business Networks dry skiing trip to Hemel Hempstead dry ski slope.

Pictures of our cat, Fossil

Lots of pictures of our fantastic ginger cat, Fossil. As you can see, he's a bit of a poser!

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