Heading Home from Egypt

We’ve had a great time in Taba Heights, very relaxing and peaceful.

We changed rooms last Saturday to one further away from reception and the rather loud entertainment each night, so it’s been much quieter.
Had a couple of meals at the El Mare seafood restaurant, which made a very pleasant change from the usual evening buffet. The food was a little pricey (£12-13 for a main course) but the restaurant was quiet apart from the excellent guitarist who played while we ate. The quality of the food and service there was way higher than the main restaurant.

Earlier in the week we also ate at the Lagoon Mezza/Tapas bar which sits on the salt water lagoon. That was pretty decent too, though not quite the same quality as El Mare.

We’re just packing up, checking out at noon, leaving the hotel at 4pm so we get an afternoon in the sun before we leave. It’s a little overcast today so it’s cooler than the blistering heat we had yesterday which was by far the warmest day we’ve had.