Catch Up

I’ve been off blogging for a long time.

Facebook seems adequate for most things and we’ve not done much that has been worth sharing with the world rather than just with friends.

What have we done since Java in 2010? VMworld 2010 in San Francisco followed by a long weekend in Las Vegas, an holiday in Dahab in Egypt in 2011. Las Vegas again in 2011, and VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen.

No camping at festivals since Big Chill 2010, a couple of disappointing one-day festivals, good times at a Fatboy Slim gig in Brighton and The Stone Roses reunion in Manchester.

We’ve got a couple of holidays booked, one long weekend in Portugal and a 3+ week extravaganza in November starting in Thailand with the intention at the moment to go on to Burma if things work out. Those might be worth sharing….

In the meantime, I’ve posted occasionally on my tech blog ( ) should anyone fancy seeing that.

Java, Bali and Singapore – Pt.2

I’ve been incredibly slack and not posted this second part of the trip to Indonesia, even though it’s now over two years since we returned. As it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten most of the detail of what we did, so this is going to be brief and really just completion.

Buddah in alcove
Fantastic old Buddhist temple built on many levels surrounded by a plain.

We had our photo taken by a bunch of school kids who I think were from Malaysia. They found us very amusing though I suspect that was an “at us” rather than “with us” amusement.

Mount Bromo
Dawn at the Bromo caldera
This one was a bit of a mission. Had to get up in the dark to be driven along a winding road in a jeep, passing other vehicles which were slipping off the road due to landslides. Got to the top of a nearby mountain to see the sunrise over Bromo, a volcano situated in a huge lava plain. After the requisite photo opportunity we drove down to the plain and then walked up to the crater of the volcano.
The crater of Mount Bromo
Unlike many of the other slacker visitors we eschewed the pony ride to the foot of the volcano and walked all the way.
Horses at Bromo
Can’t remember that much about Surabaya apart from doing some shopping there, and not taking any photos.
We stayed at the Club Intercontinental in Jimbaran. We had to pay for an upgrade to get a decent room which was a bit of a rip-off to be honest.
Vic enjoys a drink at Club Intercontinental, Jimbaran