We had a pleasant afternoon out in Maldon on the Essex coast today. It was pretty nippy as we walked by the River Blackwater, but we warmed up after a while. Maldon was nice, lots of boats moored on the river and quite an old-style town centre.

Apparently, the first Tesco supermarket opened in Maldon, but that’s now an Iceland store.

Nigel in Maldon

A few days after we got back from Miami, I bought myself a Sony Playstation 3. Reading the forums on the internet, it looks like I bought it just in time as the 60GB version which plays Playstation 2 games is now pretty scarce, having been pretty much replaced by the 40GB version. I’ve only got three games for the new machine, but it plays my old PS2 games too.

I’ve connected the PS3 up to the wireless network at home and, after installing TVersity on my Windows PC, can watch any video files and listen to any of my MP3s stored on the PC through the surround sound system and LCD TV in the living room. Oh, and it plays DVDs and Blu-Ray discs too. Which is nice.

It’s the KCOM Xmas party this week, so I’m off up to Hull on Thursday for the “Black and Red Ball”. Red and black are the new company colours hence the theme of the party. I’ve not been to Hull in years so it’ll be a change of scene, and with any luck the party will be worth the trip.