It’s been a long time…

Sorry I haven’t posted recently.

Started work and now that things are underway it’s proving interesting. Unfortunately I’m currently working out in Sunbury, more than an hour and a half from home, but that won’t last for ever.

Vic’s now pretty much recovered from a very nasty chest infection which left her with residual asthma; she even got an inhaler from the doctor.

We haven’t been out much, though we’ve met up with a few friends in the evenings, and Vic spent the weekend in France visiting Deb.

Not huge amounts to report which is why I hadn’t posted. We’ve not really taken any photos since our return either, though Vic has some which she took in France.

I’ve started a technical blog to keep the nerdy stuff out of my normal blog, and given the current level of excitement that might well get more postings for the next few months.

I’d like to thank everyone for their messages on our return to the UK, it’s nice to see people are still reading the blog.

I’m trying to get Vic to write some stuff on her blog but I’m not holding my breath on that one.