Wedding and Seattle

Lorna and Dan’s wedding went off very well. The weather forecast was a bit foreboding, but it turned out to be wrong and everyone enjoyed a beautiful warm, sunny day at the Cornwallis Country Hotel.

Lorna and Dan's Wedding

Lots of pictures available at my Flickr gallery.

The next day, both Vic and I were pretty badly hung-over, and as is often the case when in that state, we made the unfortunate decision to try a different route to get home. After several wrong turns and a quick trip through Southend we made it home more than two hours later. That did include a recuperation break at a service station though.

The next day, Sunday, I was flying off to Seattle, WA for an IBM/Microsoft Study Tour, so it was a relatively early start and off to Heathrow to meet up with my half of the party at noon. A 9 hour flight and an 8 hour time difference ensured that I was absolutely shattered by the end of the day.

The two study days in Seattle were pretty intense, but informative. Presentations from Microsoft on the Monday and IBM on the Tuesday, excellent meals each evening and a few hours to have a look round Seattle. We also had a few hours on Wednesday morning before setting off back to the airport at 2pm. I managed to visit the Space Needle and Pike Place Market and took a few photos.

View of Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle

Arrived home completely exhausted and it took a few days to recover any semblance of normality.

Now we’ve got Glastonbury just around the corner, next week. The tickets have arrived, we’ve got a shiny new tent, a sack truck to carry stuff with and the weather forecast is looking decidedly dicey. Fingers crossed…. (but I’m packing my waterproofs).

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