And a Merry Christmas to you too!

Two months after accepting our offer, and after we’ve had a survey, a structural engineers report, all searches etc. completed, the vendor of the property we were buying has decided to withdraw from the sale.

We found out through a letter from her solicitor to ours. The solicitor has no other information. The vendor hasn’t even told the estate agent!

So after spending in excess of £1,000 we have nothing to show for it. This is our third property to fall through due to the vendor withdrawing or a bad survey results. Frankly, we’ve had enough.

In the UK, there is no legal redress available for these situations. You can only ask for some contribution towards the cost but the vendor is under no obligation (other than a moral one, and those tend not to get you very far these days).

We’re now looking for somewhere longer term to rent from 11th January when we have to leave our current home.

Sick and tired of things. Makes me wonder whether coming back to the UK was a good idea after all.

2 thoughts on “And a Merry Christmas to you too!”

  1. Really sorry to see this happen again – have been watching with interest as we’re thinking of taking the plunge as well.

    I’m hoping that you’re better off without given the way the market is right now – the only way has to be down, surely?

    But then I thought that 5 years ago!

    Wishing you both a good Chrimbo!

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