Housing Update

Well, it was all going quite well until a week ago when we got the house valuation back.

They found a bit of damp, not really much of a problem, but they also decided that the property was worth £35,000 less than the agreed price.

As a result we’re now in a process of the estate agent finding “comparables”, similar properties in the area which have sold recently for the similar amounts.

These then get sent to the valuer for an appeal. If they won’t accept them, we will have to drop our offer for the house to a figure closer to the valuation.

It’s all getting a bit frantic as we have to move out in a month and won’t have time to find another property to buy if the vendor won’t accept a lower offer, so we’ll then have to find somewhere to rent.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that either the appeal is successful or that the vendor will accept a lower offer, as we can’t really face traipsing around looking at flats to rent.

On top of all that, my laptop has developed “RSDs” (Random Shut Down) and has been sent for repair.

On a brighter note, we’re going to the Isle of Wight next Friday for the Bestival. Hoping that the weather perks up and the sun comes out…