More Hokitika

The site was also just a few yards away from the beach and the sea, and the sound of waves breaking on the shore could be easily heard from our pitch.

Hokitika Beach

Vic and I walked down to the beach which is strewn with driftwood and scatterings of flat pebbles. It was a clear, bright day with very strong sun, but a cooling breeze from the sea. The amount of driftwood was astonishing, unlike anything we’d seen before, and it’s not obvious where it all comes from or why it ends up at Hokitika. Local artists use the wood and the stones and shells for their crafts making for some interesting textures.

One thought on “More Hokitika”

  1. Hi Nigel and Victoria, Looks as though you’ve had a spectacular visit to the old homeland. Don’t forget to watch out for relatives, eapecially if you make it to New Plymouth. Dad lived in Pookerua Bay for a while, it might be worth a visit.
    Continue having fun & adventures
    Barbara & David

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