Back to Christchurch and Bye to Darth

On Monday we headed back to Christchurch to the Top 10 Park in Papanui. There we cleaned the van up ready for returning it the next morning. It was a nice site with excellent facilities but is quite a way from the centre of town.

Having spruced the van up a bit and packed all our stuff into bags, on Tuesday morning we drove back to the Wicked Campers depot to drop of Darth Vader. Jason was there, now with a few more people there to help him out. The cracked windscreen looks like it will cost us a NZ$200 windscreen charge, less than a replacement windscreen will probably cost and if it’s repairable, they’ll refund the difference in cost.

Our lovely Darth Vader in Arthur's Pass, courtesy of Wicked Campers

After saying goodbye to Darth, we walked into the centre of Christchurch via a few secondhand bookshops and a cafe. We bought some bus tickets to the airport and rode out there to visit the Antarctic Experience Centre.

The centre gives a lot of information about the Antarctic, the settlements there, previous expeditions and the wildlife and landscape. The highlight of the visit for us was the Antarctic Storm, where you enter a room full of snow and ice clad in provided coats and overboots before being blasted with wind and noise taking the temperature after windchill factor down to -18C.

Vic in the Antarctic Storm Room

We decided not to bother with the Hagglund trip which is a ride in an Antarctic tractor unit over some rough terrain and water and returned for a night in a proper bed at the YMCA in Christchurch, along with another meal at Dux De Lux down the road.

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