Arthur’s Pass and Akaroa

Otira Gorge, Arthur's Pass

Starting back eastwards the next morning, we went back through Stillwater, past Lake Brunner and joined up with State Highway 73 through Arthur’s Pass. It was a fabulous day, bright clear blue skies and hot sunshine giving spectacular views of snow-capped mountains and sparkling rocky streams. Fortunately there were lots of stopping points so we took lots of photos, particularly at the Otira Gorge where the road passes under a concrete boulder shelter, and under a chute which carries a waterfall over the road. Then it was down to Klondyke Corner for a view of the plains opening out in the valley bottom before heading for the more open plains of the Canterbury.

Arthur's Pass

We skirted round Christchurch and headed for Akaroa, a French settlement on the Banks Peninsular, an hour and a half south-east of Christchurch, along some winding hillside roads. The views over Akaroa Harbour were breath-taking, making the long 5+ hour drive from Greymouth worth it.

View over Akaroa Harbour

Our campsite was on the hillside above Akaroa, again with a host of mallard ducks to keep us amused, and a lit footpath down into the town. In the evening we walked into town for a drink and a look round the area. Most of the town was closed but there were a number of decent places to eat and drink and it came across as being a nice place, if a little touristy in a slightly pricey way.

Vic feeds a duck at the campsite in Akaroa

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