New Look Llamablog

I’ve changed the theme that the blog uses so it all looks very different. I hope you like the changes.

The old style was pretty much the same as the one I used when using the Moveable Type software, and I did some work to convert it over, but I prefer the new theme which I found at the Urban Giraffe site.

Still a little fine tuning to do but it’s getting there.

2 thoughts on “New Look Llamablog”

  1. Hi Nigel
    This is like a blast from the past. Do you remember Jeff Cooke – I would hope so. I haven’t got an e-mail address for you but wanted to get in touch. Jeff is actually in China at the moment but is going to be in Australia next week! Small world eh? If you get this can you e-mail me.

  2. Hi Jacqueline!

    Great to hear from you. I’ve replied by email, it’ll be great to catch up with you and Jeff. It’s been what, 18 years?


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