Catching Up

Finally got down to work and uploaded some more pictures.

Here’s the silverwork that Vic and I created in Ubud, Bali last month. Vic made the nice rectangular pendant, and I made the rough-and-ready round thing.

Silver from Ubud

I’ve also upload some pictures from Koh Phangan where we’ve been staying for the past month.

On Sunday we went along to the Full Moon Party on Sunrise Beach and enjoyed ourselves. We had a few beers and a bottle of wine and enjoyed the atmosphere. We took some photos but most of them turned out a bit blurry, but that’s to be expected in crowds at night with a compact digi-cam. They still give a feeling for the atmosphere.

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, 9/2005

The party was threatened with a powercut and the whole island had major power problems for 3-4 days beforehand, with no power at all for several hours at a time. The problem was that one of the two underwater power cables to the island needed repairing. Not sure why they decided to do it around the Full Moon Party when the island is full of visitors and needs more power than normal, but it could have something to do with a government minister trying to get the parties shutdown as they are a bad example to young Thai’s. The minister in question has obviously never ventured down Patpong in Bangkok where “pussy shows” are openly offered.

As it turned out, there was power for the party, and an early evening shower cleared so that everything went ahead just fine.

It rained heavily the next morning, and the power went again but most people were asleep so didn’t mind too much.

We’re off to Bangkok later tonight to meet up with our friend Cedric who is there for a week. After that it’s onward to Singapore and then Brisbane. So I should have a bit more to tell you all ;)

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