Leaving KL

We caught a cab to KLIA for our AirAsia flight to Kuching in the Malaysian province of Sarawak.

When we went to check-in, we were informed that our flight had been postponed by and hour and forty minutes. Why they didn’t email people to advise of this is beyond me (and them apparently). They ask for an email address when accepting the booking so you wouldn’t think it would beyond their wit to email people when flights change. Instead we had to wait around with our bags for over an hour until we could check-in

Our baggage was its usual excessive amount, and this time AirAsia decided to charge us for the excess, RM10/kg. We’ve had the same amount of luggage for a while now and the only time we have been charged excess was in India when flying with Air Deccan.

Not a great start to our journey, given that we’d had to get up at 6am to pack and catch the taxi.

KLIA was clean and bright but nothing terribly exciting, certainly the domestic end of the terminal was the usual dull airport fare.
The flight was uneventful; not too long but not a lot to see out of the window due to cloud cover.

Arriving at Kuching Airport we had to fill in another Malaysian immigration form (identical in every way to the one we filled in when arriving in Malaysia the previous week) and then caught a cab to our hotel in Kuching using the pre-paid taxi counter.

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