Frustrated in Bangalore

Well, this is all very annoying. Here we are in the “high tech capital of India”, in a very swish internet cafe (which we had to pay to join) only to find that you can’t actually read anything off any memory cards etc.

The machine is locked down so that you can only run the applications they choose, and their “digital briefcase” data storage is “being upgraded” (as we all know, that’s just another way of saying “has never really worked”).

So I’ve got some beautiful pictures from Periyar Wildlife Park, of wild elephants, fantastic scenery, amazing views from mountains, strange photos from inside the clouds at Kodaikanal and I can’t touch them! I’ll have another go when we get back to Bangalore at the weekend.

Since the last update we’re spend a night on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala, had a couple of days at Kumily near the Periyar park, and a couple of days in Kodaikanal. In the latter, the weather was cold (max about 8C, minimum was freezing) and because we were at 2100m above sea level, the entire place was shrouded in cloud, which made everything very strange. A bit like being back home in fact.

Tonight we’re going to Hospet (and then on to Hampi) to view the ruins and temples there. We’ll be coming back here at the weekend.

More then…

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