One odd moment of incongruity:
When Tulsee was driving us back to Jaipur from Mahansar, he decided to put on some music. He rummaged around in the glove compartment for a while and finally retreived a cassette which he duly inserted into the cars player.

The music started halfway through a track and was a kind of electro-reggae. At the start of the next track, I recognised the intro and realised the tape was a Yellowman album. As the album proceeded, it became apparent to me that not only was it a Yellowman album but it was the only Yellowman album I ever bought, which I bought (also on cassette) in London back in the mid-80’s. I hadn’t listened to it in ages but recognised most of the tracks, and here we were in cab in Rajasthan getting on for 20 years later listening to the same thing.

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