Gone to Goa

Quick update as I’ve not managed to upload my notes for a week.

We flew to Bombay/Mumbai on Saturday, arrived at hour hotel and wandered a bit.

After a rather expensive (for India) meal at a Chinese restaurant, we returned to our room to find several cockroaches running about. Vic couldn’t face sleeping there so we did a late night move to the very posh Taj President hotel. Way above our budget but if it meant we could sleep it’d do.

On Monday evening, despite Vic feeling very poorly (upset stomach and sore throat) we got the sleeper train to Goa. That was an experience and one the guide books didn’t really prepare you for but we survived it well enough, and both agreed that it wouldn’t seem such a challenge next time as we’d know what to expect.

We’ve been staying at a lovely guest house called Panjim Pousada (owned by the same people as the Panjim Inn, which is next door).

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Arambol, on the North Goa coast for a bit of hippy beach time :)

More (and more detail) whan I get a chance…

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