Getting to Goa

Morning arrived, and the train still had a long way to go. We talked to our neighbours and their children, Gavin and Gail (the whole family spoke very good English), and read our guidebooks, occasionally looking out of the window to glimpse the changing landscape. As we got closer to Goa, the land became greener, with river and streams and eventually palm trees.

We arrived at our destination at about noon, and made our way off the train with crowds of Indian passengers (very few Westerners seemed to get off at that stop). Passing along the platform we found that to reach the station building with its associated taxi rank etc, we had to climb down onto the tracks, walk across them and then clamber up the other side.

We quickly found a taxi to take us to Panjim (also known as Panaji) where we had booked some accomodation. Vic’s voice had started to go, so we needed to get her to somewhere clean and relaxing.

Arriving at Panjim, the taxi dropped us outside the Panjim Inn, which is owned by the same person as the neighbouring Panjim Pousada where we had booked. We were soon ensconced in our room, a large airy room with a fan and air-conditioner and balcony overlooking a quiet garden courtyard. Just what we had hoped for.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and eating and drinking at the Panjim Inn’s restaurant.

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