More Shopping

Up early to catch breakfast before it got too hot on the roof terrace, and then down to the “one stop shop” to check for emails from the hotel in Mumbai and to sort out some banking. The hotel didn’t have any rooms available so we had to try to find somewhere else. We also needed a printout of the confirmation of our sleeper train to Goa. Printing involved saving the web page to a floppy disk and then the shop owner running up the hill to the “head office” to print it out! Unfortunately even this mechasim wasn’t working as he couldn’t get the file to save to the floppy, so we’d have to come back later for our printout.

We returned to the hotel and succeeded in booking a hotel for Mumbai and one for the first few days in Goa.

In the afternoon we popped out for a snack of veg and paneer pakoras before heading back to the tailor to pick up our clothes.

On the way we called in at a jewellers where Vic replenished her jewellery stocks (two pairs earrings, necklace, two bracelets, and a ring ).

The clothes were all ready and very well made. I was persuaded to get a couple more shirts made but resisted the pressure to get some trousers. There was going to be enough luggage pruning going on as it was…

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