Some pictures online

I’ve uploaded all of the pictures from our trip so far to the photo album .

We’re currently back in London. The updates up to the end of July were written while on the road and I uploaded them when we were in Edinburgh in the middle of August. I’m gradually filling in the updates since then as I get time.

We’ve booked out tickets and we fly to Delhi on 11th October (our first wedding anniversary!). The ticket then carries us to Colombo in Sri Lanka, then to Bangkok, surface travel to Singapore, then on to Australia. We’ve got about a year to get that far…

One thought on “Some pictures online”

  1. Gawd! What witht he weather and your personal nemesis known as “The Camper Van”, I’m glad I’m not you.

    I do fancy the idea of becoming a “upper-class” gypsy in a Winnebago tho’ – now that does sound like a good way to live, altho’ I’d prob’ly choose to travel around Yurrup in it, rather than just Blighty.

    Hope you’re both enjoying yourselves however… we’re coming back to the UK in the AUtumn (we hope) we’ll try and keep tabs on you too if there’s a chance of a meet.

    Bill & Jan

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