Johnny Ball! Wow!

After a bit of a lie-in, we went into town quite late, not having tickets booked for anything. We met up with L&K briefly, and they suggested that we should try to get tickets for Andrew Clover’s Storyteller show at 6pm. While we booking the tickets at the box-office, we managed to get a couple of tickets for Paul Merton’s Improv Chums later that evening.

Entering the venue for the Andrew Clover show, we found only about 15 members of the audience. The show was very odd, very funny and not a little disturbing. Most of the members of the audience participated in some way, and it was certainly an interesting experience (possibly for Andrew Clover as much as the audience!)

There was an hour between the end of that show and the start of the Paul Merton one, so we availed ourselves of the bar and consumed a few drinks in preparation, spotting Johnny Ball (of “Think of a Number” fame) in the courtyard with the bar.

The Paul Merton’s Improv Chums show was in the largest venue we’d been to, The Grand, which held hundreds of people. The show was along the familiar lines of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, and most of the participants had appeared on that show. Jim Sweeney, who was doing a show at the Festival about his life with Multiple Sclerosis, was very good, taking a very dry view of his colleagues efforts.

After that we met up with L&K again and went to one of those “All You Can Eat” chinese buffets (where we proceeded to consume enormous amounts of food, naturally).

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