More Comedy

Picking up my trusty Apple Powerbook, I set off into Edinburgh again. Vic caught up on her email at the fixed terminal in the Virgin Megastore, while I sat on the sofa by the Xbox demo and connected using the wireless network. Fortunately there was a spare power socket nearby, as after 2 and a half years, the battery on the Powerbook only lasts 30 minutes or so with the wireless network turned on.

I picked up my mail and posted all the blog entries. After a bit more wandering and getting on the wrong bus we finally made it back to the campsite where I read my email and prepared replies etc.

Meeting up with Lisa and Kathryn later that day, we went to a Phil Kaye show, which was very funny. He’d almost completely lost his voice, but did the show anyway, filling in with physical actions to save his voice. When asking for suggestions of physical actions he could perform, Kathryn shouted “Striptease!” and he duly obliged, removing all his clothes until left standing on stage with only a strategically placed sock. He followed this with a headstand (still naked). He performed the rest of the show naked and was well received by an appreciative crowd.

Following on from that we headed to a pub to wait for the late night comedy show at The Stand to start (at 00:40am). We didn’t get particularly good seats at The Stand but the show was good, including performances from Susan Murray, Reginald D. Hunter, Jason Byrne and The Flight Of The Conchords (New Zealand’s 4th best Folk Parody duo).

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