The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Tuesday 6th July. Another blindingly sunny day. We decided to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan which are only a few miles from Treveor.

The gardens at Heligan were re-discovered in 1990, having fallen into disrepair after many of the workers were killed during the First World War. The restoration is an ongoing process but the excellent guidebook and information points give a huge amount of detail of the state of the various parts of the garden when re-discovered, their history and the current growing plans.

We spent many hours wandering the gardens, visiting the Jungle area, as well as the main Northern Gardens. The house at Heligan is now privately owned (and has been split into multiple apartments) so cannot be visited, but there’s more than enough to see in the grounds. Very definitely worth a visit.

The day had remained beautifully sunny, and we both caught a bit of sun, though a liberal coating of sunscreen earlier in the day had prevented burning.

On the way back to the site we took a detour to a nearby beach, parking at a car park at the top of the hill and walking down the steep slope to Hammick Beach. The beach is very quiet, being a bit out of the way, but is completely unspoilt.

Another barbecue under a clear sky and we headed for bed.

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