A Day of Recovery

Tuesday 29th June – A day to consolidate in the van. We went and got a couple of new tyres for the van (the spare was looking iffy too), and some new hose for the gas stove. We also worked out why we couldn’t get the cooker to light and sorted that out. Provisions were gathered, we made sure that we were signed-off from our benefit claims as of the previous week and we rested and planned.

Vic started to come down with a cold, probably a result of the damp conditions and lack of proper nutrition at Glastonbury. Bacon sandwiches, and sausages in rolls are great for warming you up but don’t give your immune system much help.

Chatted to a couple who had sold their home after retiring and now lived in a 30 foot long Winnebago, travelling round the country and between their children in Chester and Brighton. They seemed very happy with the life (the husband had been a lorry driver before retirement, so handling the Winnebago wasn’t much of a challenge for him.