Glasto Day 4

Saturday 26th June – The rain started again and soon turned the site into a muddy reconstruction of the Somme again. We all went down to see the Scissor Sisters on The Pyramid Stage, and they put on a great show despite the pretty foul weather. Vic, Cedric and I all looked such a site in our army surplus ponchos that a girl asked whether she could take a photo of the three of us.

After that, Vic and I returned to the van to dry out a little, before returning with the intention of seeing The Killers, only to find the New Tent full and the crowd outside some 20 people deep. We wandered once more, spotting Radio One and Four’s John Peel just by the market areas close to the Pyramid Stage.

During the evening we went down to see the Scissor Sisters in the Dance Tent but the tent was rammed due to the continuing inclement weather so we abandoned that idea and found a dry spot by the bar and imbibed some more Burrow Hill.

Last set on the Other Stage on Saturday was Basement Jaxx who put on a great show, lots of lights and favourite tunes. A good end to the day.