A Day In Salisbury

Tuesday 22nd June – We woke to a fine morning and drove into Salisbury to pick up some last minute provisions and make use of an internet cafe to sort out our finances and send a couple of emails. I didn’t get a chance to update my blog, hence this long entry!

In the evening we were due to meet Cedric who was coming down from London for Glasto. He missed his bus which meant he wouldn’t be arriving until around 11pm. Rather than wait in town we decided to return to the campsite via Tesco. Then the rain started, and the traffic slowed to a crawl. We waited it out in the car park of Tesco and after an hour or so the traffic eased.

While waiting we noticed that the skylight in the van was leaking, and on closer inspection whoever fitted it did a real botch-up on it. The skylight doesn’t appear to be designed for single-skin vehicles and so doesn’t fit correctly. I suspect that it’ll have to be replaced at some point in the near future. We’ve tried sealing it without any success.

On arriving back at the site, we erected Cedric’s tent which he had given to us before we left London to save him having to carry it all. It was a fairly simple, single-skin tent; enough to keep the rain out as long as nothing touches the sides.

We headed over to the pub once more, and tried some of the food there which was excellent, and very well presented. At closing time we went back to the site, and a few minutes later Cedric arrived. After getting him into his tent (it was still pouring with rain), we set up the van for sleeping again and turned in.