We Got A Camper!

After weeks of looking we finally found and bought a campervan! It’s a 1989 1.6TD Volkwagen Devon conversion. A bit rusty round the seams but nicely kitted out.

It’s a bit of a beast to drive, much longer than anything I’ve ever driven before, but we’re hoping that I get used to it (and stop clipping kerbs).

Parking isn’t easy, either, but I’ve managed it once.

It’ll be our home for a couple of months, all going well.

More pictures….

5 thoughts on “We Got A Camper!”

  1. Hi there

    You don’t know me but I’ve been admiring your van. Can you tell me where you got it from in London, how much you paid and what you think of it?

    I am looking for exactly the same vehicle and would appreciate some advice!

    Thanks in advance


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