Getting Rid of Books

I’ve finally started going through my stuff ready for the move, and first up were the cupboards full of books and videos in the back room. The shelves are rammed but I really can’t see the point of packing them all up.

I rarely re-read books. But I hate getting rid of them. Once I’ve read a book, it just sits on my shelf, and I can say to myself “That was a good book” when I see it. I never go back and read them again though.

Well now the time has come, they’ve got to go. I’m going to be keeping some and packing them up, mostly some key O’Reilly techie books, and the works of Douglas Lindsay HP Lovecraft Philip Pullman and Christopher Brookmyre

There’s 35 O’Reilly books in my “Get Rid Of” pile. I’ll admit I haven’t read all, or even most of them. There’s another 14 techie books from other publishers. That’s before we get to the fiction and non-techie non-fiction.

And the videos… There are loads of them. Lots of Doctor Who, some Red Dwarf, Blakes 7, dodgy horror films, all of Fawlty Towers and a load of things I’ve now got on DVD. I’m just hoping I can find some people who want them and can pick them up from Brixton.

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