Bike Thieves at Dawn

Was woken at about 5am by some noise from our shared hallway. As the neighbours often come in/out at that time I paid no more attention to it. We had to be up early to go view campervans so I went back to sleep.

When I went to the hallway to leave at about 9am, I found the front door open and Vic’s bike and cycle helmet missing. Arse! It looks like one of the neighbours didn’t close the front door properly when coming in/going out late Friday/early Saturday and some scrote decided to take advantage and nick Vic’s bike. It’s unlikely to be covered by insurance (most seem to exclude bikes from household contents, and besides, the door wasn’t locked). The police have been but couldn’t really help much.

So that wasn’t an ideal start and Vic was furious and upset. We headed off to look at the first van abit later than originally intended but caught a train from London Bridge out to Bexley. Sadly the van was a bit too rusty, and was a pop-top so we left that after a quick look. I’ve not been to Bexley before and it seemed quite pleasant and the people on the bus were very friendly and helpful.

From there it was up to Market Road by Caledonian Road tube station as that’s where the Aussies and Kiwis are supposed to sell their cans. Only 2 or 3 there though and nothing that was very interesting.

Feeling a tad disheartened we caught a bus down to Selfridges and went for a beer in one of the nearby pubs, before returning home empty handed (except for a new copy of Motorhome and Caravan Trader which as you can imagine makes fascinating reading).

The evening was very pleasant, with Helen and Cedde coming round for some snacks in the garden, followed by an all too brief venture to The People’s Republic of Disco before they had to depart and by then my back had tensed up so I couldn’t move much.

The packing boxes arrived this morning, so we have no excuse not to get on with the packing now.

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