Wildlife in Brixton

Grey Squirrel in Brixton

We’ve had a squirrel visiting us, coming to our back door, to rummage through a bag of veg. We put the bag there in readiness for putting it into our Worm Farm .

Our cat remained firmly asleep on the bed, and Binky-Bonky, our neighbour’s cat, sat passively gazing at the squirrel a couple of yards away.

I managed to take a few photos without moving too much. I was only about 3 feet away from him so didn’t want to alarm him. Only two pictures came out in focus and in one of those he had his back to me.

Earlier Vic had seen a blue tit outside our kitchen window, and there have been swifts whizzing about in the sky. Summer must be here.

One thought on “Wildlife in Brixton”

  1. It won’t be long before he/she is tame enough for you to put your hand out – with a nut in it – and he/she will be cautious in approach but come up – place his paws on your hand and grab the nut.

    They have soft pads on their paws and can be tame enough. It is always odd to think they are rodents!!!

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