Glastonbury 2004 Ticket Rant

Something I wrote on Urban75 a few days ago regarding the Glasto ticket fiasco:

I hope that Aloud have to repay any comission they got for every single duplicate ticket which it turns out they haven’t really sold. The sheer number of people reporting cancelled duplicates and cancelled due to insufficient funds makes me wonder whether they really will be able to absorb them all without a resale? The tickets took an hour longer to sell out than last year, and I don’t remember anyone reporting having accidentally ordered 4-5 times last year. “Unprecedented demand” – maybe if they’d had systems that actually responded then people wouldn’t have had to make hundreds of attempts each in order to try to get some life out of the poxy system, which I suspect is the real reason for the much higher demand on the web and phone systems. Same number of people, but no feedback results in repeated attempts. Very poor performance by Aloud, and frankly, I think GFL should refuse to use them again or at least not without a large financial guarantee that this huge foul-up won’t happen again.
It looks like Simon at XRRF has had similar thoughts and the people responsible are trying to make out the whole thing would have been impossible to manage satisfactorily.

Dubversion also did an excellent piss-take on the scabby types trying to sell non-legit tickets on Ebay:

NB. These tickets aren’t actually official and won’t guarantee entry into the Glastonbury Festival but you are welcome to go and see if you can fob them off as the real thing. We reckon they look pretty kosher, right down to the hologram which we made out of a bit of tinfoil and some sticky-backed plastic.