Six Months In

Waves on pebbles
Waves break on pebbles near Brighton

Vic and I have been married for six months now. And it’s all been great fun.

To celebrate we had a weekend away in Brighton, staying at the “Seattle Hotel down by the Marina. We had a good time, some very good meals (at the hotel’s Cafe Paradiso, the Dorset Street Bar and Bella Napoli and enjoyed a clifftop walk back to the Marina from Rottingdean.

The Glasto ticket farce continues. There are still occasionally tickets going on sale at the site, despite a statement on the official Glastonbury web site that no more tickets would be going on sale. WaterAid have been allowed to auction some hospitality tickets on ebay and they’ve gone for suitably silly money.

Messrs Blair and Blunkett continue to push the whole ID card fallacy I’m sure that compulsory ID cards would have prevented almost 200 people dying in Madrid… Oh, they have compulsory ID cards in Spain ? Well, I’m sure the British ones will be much better ?