Busy Week

It’s been another busy week. Vic finished her job on Tuesday, and we celebrated with a very good meal at Chez Manny in Battersea.

On Wednesday we headed over to the cafe at Dulwich Picture Gallery to meet up with Helen who works there. After another excellent (and free) meal, we moved on to The Albert on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton for a few beers. We were joined by Cedric and an evening of drinking ensued. Helen and Ced are coming to Glastonbury as well so we had lots to talk about.

Thursday was spent recovering from the usual hangovers, though we did watch Chopper and Dark Days

Today we ventured up to Rococo on the Kings Road to buy a supply of chocolate for Easter, and then took a long, slow bus trip over to St Paul’s from where we walked over to Borough Market to pick up some more meat and veg.

On Sunday it will be 6 months since Vic and I got married so we’re popping down to Brighton for a weekend at the Seattle Alias Hotel My brother’s coming down to stay while we’re away, but I’m hoping to see him briefly before we head south.