Market Time

We had to make ourselves scarce early on Saturday morning, as the purchasers of our flat wanted to come around to measure up. We decided to head up to Borough Market because we’ve never actually been while it’s open.

It’s not like a “normal” town market, more of a slightly posh farmers market. We wandered around a bit, eyeing up the produce and stalls, before going around again to make our purchases. We picked up a couple of loaves of bread, some sausages, various vegetables and fungi, cheese, cider and some dry-cured back bacon. We had the bacon for breakfast this morning and it was very good, much tastier than the standard supermarket fare. Lots of customers who looked like they had come straight down from Hampstead in their Barbour jackets, and the prices weren’t really cheap, but as a kind of large deli, it works well.

After we’d finished shopping, we snacked out on Frankfurters with Sauerkraut and Senf, followed by a cup of hot, spiced cider. We drank the cider sitting outside Southwark Cathedral where I was engaged in conversation by a very pleasant Special Brew drinker who regaled us with tales of living on stolen yoghurts and visiting his brother in Redcar.

Fossil booking Glasto tickets
Fossil joins in booking Glasto tickets

It looks like we were very lucky to get our Glasto ticket orders through. After the success of the 2 orders on Thursday night, I managed to book another ticket for Vic’s friend Eyi who is currently in Nigeria. Looking the tales on Urban 75, E-Festivals and the BBC News it looks like a lot of people had complete nightmares trying to get tickets, and quite a few regulars weren’t able to get successful orders through, whereas others managed to get up to 5 duplicate orders processed. The whole 113,000 tickets sold out within 24 hours, actually slightly longer than last year, possibly due to the limit of 2 tickets per person, possibly due to the fact that more than 95% attempts to purchase tickets failed. How I managed to get 3 orders through while others were unsuccessful, I don’t really know. Good luck? Using Firefox ? Just plain persistence? Who knows? Glad I got it sorted though, as we had a great time in 2002 and 2003.

Glastonbury 2003
Glastonbury 2003 – Hoping for the same weather in 2004

I first went to Glastonbury in 1997, when it rained – a lot! That put me off a bit, as I spent the weekend cold and wet, wandering through mud, avoiding the lakes of brown muddy water and generally wearing myself out.

It’s not going to rain this year though, is it?