Glastonbury 2004 tickets sorted

Yay! Glastonbury 2004 tickets went on sale at 8pm last night.

After 2 hours of trying on the website, I finally got to the order form, submitted it and got confirmation! 10 mnutes later an email arrived to confirm… so we’re going! And also managed to order the tickets for Cedde and Helen, so they’re coming too. Accidentally ordered an extra car ticket and camper ticket but might be able to cancel those.

For those who can’t even get through to the order form, try this link as that seems to go directly there. Good luck if you’re trying. I know that a lot of the people on Urban75 had stayed up all night without success.

Once again I was amazed that the ticket agency really weren’t prepared for the number of people accessing their site and it was inaccessible for most of the evening, not even allowing connections. And the phone lines were much the same, by all accounts. Some people had success calling the international order number for UK tickets, but Radio 1 announced that too, which caused the queues to fill up again. As of about 8am, 60,000 tickets, about half of the total available) had gone.

Not a pleasant experience, sitting there fretting about tickets and constantly hitting the reload button, but it seems to have worked out nicely. I just hope there aren’t too many people out tere who really want tickets who are unable to get them.