Not Getting Out Much

Since I finished work, and more so since we put the flat on the market, I’ve not been going out very much. As a result, I’ve not had much to write about here really.

Trying to keep busy I’ve set up a site dedicated to the old Telecom Gold Noticebd with some pictures and a message board. I’m sure anyone who wants to would be welcome to join in. I intend putting up more pictures and maybe a history of the Noticebd.

Popped into town and met up with my brother, Nick, last week. It made a change to go out, and try out my pre-pay Oyster Card which seems to work well. I still need to find out when the new rules kick in about it only charging you the price of a Travelcard, if you could have made all the journeys using one, and when the buses take pre-pay.

Clapham North
Clapham North Tube Station

We’ve had 7 viewings of the flat so far, with another 2 due in the next hour. We’ve accepted an offer, but you never know what’s going to happen with the other viewings.

Better make myself scarce, so I’m going for a wander around Brixton.

Updated 12:40 – The estate agents have cancelled the extra viewings as they want to give the buyers 5 days to arrange a survey

2 thoughts on “Not Getting Out Much”

  1. Ah – fond memories of Clapham North !

    In my day there was no bright yellow line on the platform – and the trains were all “grey” – no red/blue/grey livery in those days!

  2. Ah yes, the lovely grey Northern Line trains I remember those…Sigh.
    I used to get quite scared if I was walking off this platform and there was a train moving on each side! It’s very narrow!

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