Damned Taggers

Just across the road from where I live, there’s a mural painted on the side of a house. It’s been there since I moved here in 1992. In fact, I think it dates from 1985. In all that time it’s survived untouched.

Until about 6 months ago, when a tagger decided that he/she would enhance it by spraying their tag on it in black paint.

Damage to mural on Glenelg Road
Mural on Glenelg Road, Brixton

The mural really is quite a work, with a real window being incorporated into the picture, along with swans, herons and a watermill.

Why they’ve decided to damage it after 18 years, I’ve no idea. Deeply sad.

3 thoughts on “Damned Taggers”

  1. Yes – that’s really sad. So insensitive. Some tags are works of art themselves – and I have noticed that taggers “respect” each others work – and there is a well-observed rule to not write over other taggers work. So sad to see work like this disrespected – especally after so long.

    So – you “loved” there since 1992. How long have you been living there then? ;-)

  2. By the way – talking of taggers – it seems that Master Gurpal googled in to our conversation about him at:


    The IP address of the commenter is consistent – and is traceable to Royal Air Force in High Wycombe – so if he is the real McCoy – then he could be ex-services? (Training to be a tatooist in civvy street? Sounds plausible …)

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