Selling Up

Everything going well, our flat should go on the market on Monday. We’ve had some “issues” with the estate agents though. We phoned them to say we’d like to put it on the market last Friday, and they sent though some paperwork which arrived on Saturday. As Vic is going through a redundancy process and we needed to sort a couple of things out, we didn’t immediately complete the paperwork.

On Wednesday and Thursday the estate agents called to say they’d arranged viewings, despite them not having any paperwork, details, keys or permission. Vic sent them off with a few robust words. We’ve now agreed they can arrange viewings from Monday, when they come around to take details, photos and get keys.

I’m not looking forward to future dealings with the agents, but I guess they’re a necessary (and expensive) evil if we’re to sell with minimum hassle.

The floor guys should be in in the next week or so to fix up the hallway floor. They did try to make out we need to replace the floor in the backroom too, but I just don’t have £1100 quid and time to shift all the furniture.

Last minute tidying up this weekend then.

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