I’m A Winner


I entered a competition to win copies of the two new Was (Not Was) releases from “ZE Records and apparently I won. Hurrah! I had, however, already ordered copies from Play.com which have now arrived. I think I know someone who’d appreciate the other copies though (when they arrive).

“Shameless” finished its first series with an excellent episode based around Frank (David Threlfall pretending to be dead in order to escape his debts. I know a few people who should probably consider that.

Next week, in the place of Shameless, we have No Angels which has been very heavily trailed by C4 Let’s hope it lives up to the trailers which have been pretty funny. It’s being called a drama, just as Shameless was, but from the trailers it looks to be funny.

For those who missed Shameless, it’s being shown again on C4 at 11.05 on Tuesdays starting next week, straight after “No Angels”.

The BBC has been heavily trailing a few shows too, including Hustle and Vic and Bob’s Catterick Both have these have been weak at best, and the constant trails are very wearisome. The BBC would be better putting more effort into promoting 15 Storeys High the third episode of the second series airs on BBC 3 at 11pm tonight. The first series is available on DVD and is well worth catching up with.

Painted a few bits of wall and ceiling yesterday, need to do another coat today, and buy some more paint (got the wrong sort for one room, how annoying is that!)

TV and decorating… I need to get out more!

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