Apple to open Store in London

The Times has a story that Apple will finally be opening an Apple Store in London. The store will be on Regent Street in the West End, and should be open in time for Christmas.

It’s about time Apple started opening stores in Europe, especially given that 17% of iPods sold over Xmas were sold in the UK.

At the moment, the best we get is the Micro Anvika dedicated Apple shop, and John Lewis and neither do a lot of promotion. The Apple Centres are almost invisible. You could walk past the one on New Oxford Street and not realise that it was a shop, let alone an Apple-specific one.

One thought on “Apple to open Store in London”

  1. Had to post a comment on this one 8-)

    I now have a lovely shiny iPod. It is the most wonderful piece of geeky engineering I have ever owned (well….my Vic20 may have seemed better at the time…).

    My entire CD collection now proudly sits on my PC and sync’d to my ipod.

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