Late Night Shuffling

Being the impetuous fellow I am, noticing that Brad Choate had updated his excellent MT-Textile MT plugin, I thought I’d install it. In the process I removed the old version 1 plugin, figuring that the new one would replace it. Big mistake, and yes, I know I should have read the docs . All my old blog entries which had Textile 1 formatting now fell apart, leaving all my Textile codes in plain view.

Fortunately, Brad anticipated there’s be some right charlies like me, and posted a blog entry on how to fix it.

Fixed that and hope that no one was too disturbed by the strange codes that appeared in the meantime.

Did some more work on the Pigbag website, and spend a bit of time reading about Voice of the Beehive a band I used to love back in the 80’s. I found out that they reformed for a tour supporting The Wonder Stuff in December last year. Completely passed me by due to the quick succession of wedding/honeymoon/Barcelona/Australia, which is quite annoying. To make up for it, I pulled out the albums (Let It Bee Honey Lingers and Sex & Misery ) and listened to them. The first two are great happy pop albums, the third one I haven’t listened to much before and it’s still growing on me after my initial dislike.

Changed my default browser to the ever improving Mozilla Firefox now up to version 0.8 (and changed its name from Firebird). I’m using it as my standard browser on Windows and Linux, but sticking with Safari on the Mac. I’ve installed Firefox on the Mac too, but Safari fits the OS X style better.

The only issues I’ve come across so far have been a slight problem with dragging-and-dropping an image from a website into Music Collector and the fact that too many stupid websites (particularly banks) won’t allow you to access them just because you’re not using IE or some crappy old version of Netscape 4.x. Why do they do that? Were IE 4 and Netscape 4 really so secure that there is no risk using those browsers for secure transactions, but a real risk using a modern standards-compliant browser like Firefox? Some sites won’t even let you in with Mac versions of IE, ferchrissakes!

One thought on “Late Night Shuffling”

  1. Just got round to upgrading Mozilla Firebird 0.7 over to Firefox 0.8. So much nicer. I hated the lack of Windows installer on 0.7 so had left my laptop running plain ‘ole Mozilla. Now time to get that sorted. Also noticed that Firefox includes the personal toolbar properly while Firebird had fits with it.

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