One thought on “Countries I’ve visited”

  1. I have recently visited Togo (in West Africa), having previoulsy visited Senegal and Ghana , I had imagined that my visit to Togo would also prove to be a pleasant experience.

    How wrong was I ?

    I left Ghana happy and contented, having experienced a wonderful two weeks in this wonderful country, friendly industrious people who welcome you with sincere smiles. However, to my dismay at the Togolese border checkpoint with Ghana – I was treated with utter disregard by the Togolese Douanes (customs officials; it was an experience unlike any I have ever had before.

    The officials on the Togolese side of the border are nothing but Government sponsored thieves. Even if you have a Ecowas Passport which under ECOWAS ( Economic Community of West African States), provides you with freedom of entry and passage into ECOWAS member States, such as Togo,Nigeria,Senegal,Ivory Coast, Gambia, Mali you are forcibly made to pay CFA1,000.00 to enter the country. Any protestations that you may make will only fall on deaf ears. You either pay the money or are refused entry.

    Also at the airport in Lome,(the county’s capital city), the security staff demanded CFA10,000 (about £10.00 sterling) before they would allow me in the airport to catch my flight to Paris. My pleas to let me in, since I did not have this money (which they were not entitled to, were dismissed with contempt).

    The corruption at the border and the airport is blindingly transparent.

    I recommend that people think carefully before travelling to Togo.

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