Movable Type blogroll thingy

I’m working on a little script, my first useful one in PHP to allow easy addition of entries to a Movable Type blogroll/link blog. Most of the suggestions for running link lists and/or blogrolls in MT use a second blog for the list entries.

My script, should I get further with it, will use XML-RPC to post an entry to such a blog, but without the blogger having to do anything except give it the URL to add.

It’s a bit like the existing bookmarklet functionality but simpler.

Only really doing it as I’ve not written code in ages and want to have another go. I’m not saying it’ll be any good, but it’ll keep my brain active.

2 thoughts on “Movable Type blogroll thingy”

  1. I’d seen that (and a few others), but a) wanted to make something myself and b) wanted something that was client platform independent (as I browse on a Mac as well as a couple of PC platforms).

    The idea is that when you find a page you want to add to your links, you’ll be able to click a bookmarket in your browser, and it’ll fill in all the blog fields (apart from categories) automatically. You can already do most of that with the MT Bookmarklet, but it insists on putting ‘a href’ tags around the URL.

    So far I’ve got the posting working, but the MT XML-RPC methods don’t allow you to post and set the categories in the same transaction. You have to post, get the PostId, and then change the categories for that PostId. I’m having trouble getting the structures right for changing the categories, as it wants an array of structs of a string and a boolean and every datatype has to be converted to an XML-RPC data format.

    Will continue my efforts later.

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