Busy doing little

So far today I have achieved the following:-

  • Got out of bed
  • Dressed
  • Read my email
  • Read a bunch of web sites
  • Had the shopping delivered
  • Unpacked the shopping

Now some of you might say that’s really only 4 things, but when you have done as little as I have today you have to pad things out, okay?

Shopping was a bit of a disaster as Vic had ordered it and Sainsbury, in their time-honoured fashion, decided that they’d make a few substitutions to make our lives more interesting. So, instead of a bottle of plain olive oil and a bottle of flax oil (no, I have no idea what that’s for… oiling flaxes, possibly?!), we received two bottles of Extra Virgin olive oil.. one organic, one full of bad chemicals (I presume, it didn’t say organic anyway). Now this is a bad thing . I wouldn’t know why, but someone tells me that we need several types of olive oil. When I lived alone here, I managed to survive for at least 5 years with no olive oil at all, let alone 3 different types. Still, lovely Vic does make exceedingly good food.

Todays task is to remove the bathroom sealant from the bath edge and replace it with new stuff. The old one, put on two years ago by some builders appears to have been infested with a mold which makes it all go black and grim.

Oh, just remembered something else I’ve done. I scanned an article from the May 1982 edition of The Face. That’ll be appearing on a site near you later in the week.

To the bathroom, slacker…

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