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Most viewed - Vic & Nigel's Honeymoon - 13-30th Oct 2003
18:10:03 11:11_1.jpg
Sunset from the cliff158 views
18:10:03 11:13_1.jpg
The sunset glow158 views
18:10:03 11:15_1.jpg
Waves158 viewsThe hotel beach wasn't easily accessible, and wasn't really much good, being pounded by waves and mostly black volcanic sand , but with 4 pools, it didn't really matter
19:10:03 04:56_1.jpg
More rafts158 views
19:10:03 11:00_1.jpg
Kuta Beach at sunset158 views
19:10:03 11:31_1.jpg
Victoria and Nigel at Kuta Beach158 viewsMad, starey eyes!
21:10:03 03:15_1.jpg
Rice terraces as far as the eye can see158 views
21:10:03 03:30_8.jpg
View of Nothern Bali rice terraces and mountains158 viewsEnd of the panaorama
21:10:03 04:56_1.jpg
Monkey in Bali158 viewsAlthough wild, the monkeys were curious and friendly, welcoming gifts of peanuts and bananas.
21:10:03 05:02_1.jpg
Monkey158 viewsThis monkey had a marble which he constantly rolled backwards and forwards under his paws.
21:10:03 05:27.jpg
Pura Ulun Danu, the lakeside temple at Lake Bratan158 viewsBuilt on the shores of the lake at Candikuning, it has eleven tiers of thatched-roof meru and an adjoining Buddhist stupa.
21:10:03 07:13.jpg
Royal Family temple at Mengwi158 viewsThe split gate is common to most temples (and many homes) in Bali. It symbolises the dual nature of life(light/dark, day/night, male/female etc)
21:10:03 07:37.jpg
Temple at Mengwi158 viewsThe inner temple is also surrounded by a moat.
21:10:03 07:37_1.jpg
More of the temple at Mengwi158 views
17:10:03 07:25.jpg
Two other mountains viewed from Kintamani157 views
17:10:03 09:55.jpg
Another moped157 views
18:10:03 11:12_1.jpg
The sunset glow157 views
18:10:03 11:12.jpg
Sunset from the cliff157 viewsMost of the sunsets we saw were actually the sun disappearing behind cloud on the horizon
19:10:03 10:53.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset157 views
19:10:03 10:58_1.jpg
Kite over Kuta Beach157 views
19:10:03 10:59.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset157 views
19:10:03 11:00.jpg
Kuta Beach157 views
20:10:03 23:11.jpg
Sunrise from the hotel balcony157 viewsTaken by Victoria at about 6:11am
21:10:03 03:25_1.jpg
More rice terraces and two mountains157 views
21:10:03 04:56.jpg
Leader of the monkey troupe157 viewsWe stopped on a moutain road to see some wild monkeys
21:10:03 05:02_2.jpg
More monkeys157 views
21:10:03 05:03.jpg
The marble monkey157 views
21:10:03 05:30_1.jpg
People worshipping at Pura Ulun Danu157 views
21:10:03 05:30.jpg
People worshipping at Pura Ulun Danu157 views
21:10:03 05:32_1.jpg
Pura Ulun Danu at Lake Bratan157 views
21:10:03 06:08.jpg
View from restaurant157 viewsWe had lunch at a hillside restaurant. The food wasn't up to much but the view made up for that.
21:10:03 07:14.jpg
Stone carving at Mengwi157 views
21:10:03 07:15.jpg
Stone carving over the moat at Mengwi157 viewsThe whole temple complex at Mengwi is surrounded by a moat
21:10:03 07:22.jpg
The Royal Temple, Mengwi157 viewsThe actual ancient Royal Temple only makes up a small part of the temple complex. This picture shows the entrance to the temple actually used by the Royal family.
19:10:03 04:56.jpg
The view from the end of the rafting156 views
19:10:03 04:59.jpg
Man gets his beard tweezered out156 viewsTaken at the landing point after rafting
19:10:03 04:59_1.jpg
The landing point156 views
19:10:03 05:05.jpg
Local hound156 viewsTaken at the rafting landing point
19:10:03 05:06.jpg
Same hound156 views
19:10:03 10:55_1.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset156 views
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