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Most viewed - Vic & Nigel's Honeymoon - 13-30th Oct 2003
18:10:03 11:13.jpg
The sunset glow177 views
21:10:03 03:25_3.jpg
Closer picture of a rice terrace177 views
29:10:03 09:24.jpg
Chinatown, SIngapore177 views
18:10:03 03:49.jpg
Hotel gardens176 views
19:10:03 03:22.jpg
Nigel goes rafting176 viewsWIth an extreme closeup of Vic's finger
27:10:03 06:05.jpg
Slides at Waterbom176 viewsThe slides are (left to right): Smashdown, Boogie Run, and Racetrack (last two)
18:10:03 11:11.jpg
Sunset from the cliff175 viewsTaken from the edge of the hotel's cliff.
18:10:03 11:12_2.jpg
The sunset glow175 views
28:10:03 02:59.jpg
Waterlilies at the hotel entrance175 viewsI took these while waiting for VIctoria to emerge from the spa, before heading off for the flight to SIngapore.
29:10:03 09:57_1.jpg
Inside the Marina Mandarin174 views
21:10:03 05:04.jpg
Baby monkey173 views
27:10:03 11:10.jpg
Sunset at Kuta172 viewsThe colours were fantastic
28:10:03 11:36_1.jpg
View from the balcony - Marina Mandarin Hotel172 viewsThe spikey domes are the Esplanade, an arts centre. The foundtain in front of them is the Merlion (Half-lion, half-fish) which is the symbol of SIngapore.
17:10:03 06:06.jpg
Coffee beans growing171 views
17:10:03 03:21_1.jpg
The Barong170 viewsMore details about the Barong dance can be found at
17:10:03 06:03.jpg
Bananas growing on a plantation170 views
21:10:03 05:46.jpg
Gardens at Pura Ulun Danu, near Bedugul169 views
17:10:03 06:43.jpg
Mount Batur - the only active volcano on Bali168 viewsViewed from Kintamani
17:10:03 07:26.jpg
Victoria at Kintamani168 views
19:10:03 03:21_3.jpg
The next set of rough water168 views
19:10:03 03:22_1.jpg
Nigel goes rafting - take 2168 views
17:10:03 03:21.jpg
And Sadewa transforms into the Barong, a force for good.167 views
17:10:03 03:24.jpg
The Kris dancers167 viewsThe Rangda put a spell on the soldiers which made them want to kill themselves using their Kris (sharp, wave-bladed knives). The Barong makes their bodies impervious to the blades.
17:10:03 04:57.jpg
The baths at the Elephant Cave167 views
17:10:03 06:44.jpg
Another picture showing the slopes of Mount Batur167 viewsThe black lava flows from the last eruption are still clearly visible
19:10:03 03:21.jpg
Our raft167 viewsOn 19th Oct, we went white-water rafting with SOBEK. Vic and NIgel are at the back of the boat, with a Japanese couple taking the front.
19:10:03 04:56_2.jpg
The view from the end of the rafting167 views
25:10:03 08:59.jpg
Flowers by the hotel pool167 views
19:10:03 03:21_1.jpg
A waterfall166 viewsDuring a brief break in the rafting, we stopped by this waterfall (having prviously been steered under it by our guide. The force of the cold water was quite amazing.
19:10:03 03:21_4.jpg
Victoria goes rafting166 views
18:10:03 03:46.jpg
The view from our hotel room balcony165 viewsThis is looking to the east
17:10:03 06:43_1.jpg
The lake by Mount Batur165 views
17:10:03 07:19_1.jpg
Some tourists at Kintamani165 views
18:10:03 10:36.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel reception area165 views
18:10:03 11:19.jpg
The hotel clifftop area.165 views
17:10:03 05:10.jpg
The entrance to thg Elephant Cave164 views
17:10:03 07:19.jpg
Mount Batur164 viewsViewed from the restaurant where we had lunch in Kintamani
17:10:03 07:56.jpg
Rice terraces on the way to Ubud164 views
18:10:03 11:13_2.jpg
Victoria at the cliff's edge watching the sunset164 views
21:10:03 05:01.jpg
Victoria feeds the monkeys164 views
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