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Most viewed - Vic & Nigel's Honeymoon - 13-30th Oct 2003
23:10:03 08:10.jpg
View over Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan255 viewsAfter catching some sun, we relaxed at a clifftop restaurant by Mushroom Bay.
23:10:03 05:08_2.jpg
Jungut Batu on Nusa Lembongan252 views
15:10:03 11:12.jpg
Waves break on the shore at Tanah Lot247 views
17:10:03 02:45_4.jpg
The dance theatre at Batubulan247 viewsThe dance took place in a dedicated theatre. As far as I can tell this was a traditional Balinese theatre, with the split gate at the back of the stage, in front of a temple-like structure. The audience sits in tiered rows.
17:10:03 02:55.jpg
The Prime Minister245 views
15:10:03 11:11.jpg
Tanah lot from further along the beach244 views
17:10:03 02:50.jpg
Two male dancers244 viewsI think these were supposed to be servants of the Prime Minister
23:10:03 08:09.jpg
Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan244 views
17:10:03 03:01_2.jpg
The Queen insists that Sadewa be taken to the forest and killed240 views
17:10:03 03:07.jpg
The Rangda enters239 viewsCarried on the shoulders of her servants
17:10:03 03:01.jpg
The Queen with Sadewa, her son.237 viewsThe Rangda is visible in the background
17:10:03 03:20.jpg
The Rangda transforms into a bird237 views
15:10:03 11:11_1.jpg
Looking towards our clifftop hotel from Tanah Lot beach236 viewsThe beach was mostly black volcanic sand, so wasn't much good for sunbathing or swimming. Le Meridien Nirwana hotel can only just be seen from the beach.
19:10:03 05:01.jpg
Victoria and Nigel after rafting236 views
23:10:03 05:09_1.jpg
Seaweed farms at Nusa Lembongan234 views
17:10:03 02:59.jpg
The Queen231 views
17:10:03 03:05.jpg
Sadewa is tied up231 viewsThe Prime Minister's two servants take Sadewa to the forest and time him to a tree
17:10:03 03:01_1.jpg
Sadewa pleads with his mother for his life230 viewsThe part of Sadewa is played by girl (one of the two who earlier performed the Legong dance, I think)
17:10:03 03:09.jpg
The Prime Minister arrives to save Sadewa226 views
23:10:03 08:11.jpg
Luxury cruise boat at Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan225 views
17:10:03 03:08.jpg
The Rangda prepares to kill Sadewa224 views
17:10:03 03:09_1.jpg
.. but is bewitched by the Rangda224 views
23:10:03 11:00_3.jpg
Sunset from Bungalow Number 7, Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan223 views
23:10:03 08:37.jpg
Sun on the water, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan222 views
23:10:03 08:10_2.jpg
Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan221 views
23:10:03 11:00_2.jpg
Sunset from Bungalow Number 7, Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan219 viewsThe night at Bungalow Number 7 cost 75,000 Rupiah (about £6)
23:10:03 11:00_1.jpg
Sunset from Bungalow Number 7, Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan213 viewsThe ferry to and from Sanur lands just along the beach from Bungalow Number 7.
23:10:03 11:01.jpg
Victoria at Bungalow Number 7213 viewsThe sunset light was beautiful.
23:10:03 11:08.jpg
Sunset at Bungalow Number 7, Nusa Lembongan213 views
27:10:03 06:05_3.jpg
Boogie Run213 viewsThe Boogie Run (wider track) is a side by side slide, where you go down the slide head-first lying face down on a mat. Vic and I went on this together and agreed it was pretty good, and not as extreme as the others shown on here.
25:10:03 08:07.jpg
Hotel poolside hut212 viewsThere were several of these dotted around the pool and clifftop at Le Meridien Nirwana.
23:10:03 05:09.jpg
View from the cliff on Nusa Lembongan211 views
25:10:03 08:07_2.jpg
Poolside at the hotel211 views
23:10:03 11:08_1.jpg
Sunset at Bungalow Number 7, Nusa Lembongan209 views
23:10:03 08:36.jpg
Victoria, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan205 views
23:10:03 08:37_1.jpg
Nigel, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan204 views
27:10:03 06:05_2.jpg
Smashdown at Waterbom202 viewsThe Smashdown is the most extreme slide at Waterbom. It features an almost vertical drop after an enclosed entrance. The speed of falling and force of water when you hit the bottom are exhilirating (and a bit scarey!)
23:10:03 08:38.jpg
Nigel, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan199 views
25:10:03 09:21.jpg
Another pool at the hotel199 views
25:10:03 09:21_1.jpg
The Lagoon Pool and waterfall at the hotel199 views
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