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Most viewed - Vic & Nigel's Honeymoon - 13-30th Oct 2003
15:10:03 10:47.jpg
Victoria on the beach at Tanah Lot436 views
17:10:03 02:44_2.jpg
Gamelan Orchestra381 viewsThe instruments are mostly bamboo percussion instruments but there are also flute-like wind instruments
23:10:03 06:19.jpg
Tamarind Beach restaurant, Nusa Lembongan364 viewsWe walked around on Nusa Lembongan and eventually found our way to Tamarind Beach, a set of bungalows and a restaurant. The owner, I Ketut Widastra, was very friendly and chatted for a while.
14:10:03 06:55.jpg
The honeymoon bed351 viewsThe bed in our room at Le Meridien Nirwana in Bali was sprinkled with rose petals
23:10:03 06:19_1.jpg
Tamarind Beach bungalow343 viewsThe bungalows have only been open for a short time and trade is a little slow since the tragic bombing on Bali in October 2002. If you're interested, you can contact the resort at
15:10:03 10:28.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel326 viewsThe hotel was very close to Tanah Lot, one of the holiest Hindu temples in Bali. The temple is built on top of a rock, standing in the sea. This picture was taken from part of the golf course associated with the hotel.
14:10:03 06:56_1.jpg
Self-portrait314 viewsNigel takes his own picture in the hotel room on arrival in Bali
Vic and Nigel white-water rafting in Bali300 views
14:10:03 06:55_1.jpg
The bath at the hotel298 viewsThe bath had a heart of frangipani and rose petals
17:10:03 02:45_2.jpg
One of the Legong dancers292 views
25:10:03 08:07_3.jpg
One of the pools at the hotel292 views2 comments
23:10:03 05:08.jpg
Jungut Batu on Nusa Lembongan291 viewsOn Wednesday 22nd October, we made our way to Sanur, where we stayed at Agung and Sue's Watering Hole, a low-price backpacker-style hotel with an excellent budget restaurant. From there we caught the early morning (8am) boat to Jungut Batu on the island of Nusa Lembongan.
15:10:03 10:28_1.jpg
Tanah Lot again289 viewsAnother picture of Tanah Lot from the same location
15:10:03 11:03.jpg
Some people we met at Tanah Lot280 viewsThey wanted to take our photos, no idea why!
23:10:03 11:02.jpg
Bungalow Number 7, Nusa Lembongan276 views
23:10:03 08:34.jpg
Restuarant and bungalows, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan273 viewsThis is where we had some food and drink after enjoying the sun at Mushroom Bay.
15:10:03 10:46.jpg
Tanah Lot as the sun sets272 viewsA picture taken from the beach near Tanah Lot
17:10:03 02:45.jpg
Two dancers perform the Legong dance270 views
23:10:03 06:20_1.jpg
Victoria relaxes on Nusa Lembongan269 views
23:10:03 08:10_1.jpg
Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan267 views
17:10:03 02:44_1.jpg
Gamelan Orchestra266 viewsThe dances were accompanied by a gamelan orchestra
23:10:03 07:06_1.jpg
Boat at Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan262 views
17:10:03 02:45_3.jpg
The other Legong dancer257 views
23:10:03 06:20.jpg
Nusa Lembongan257 viewsView from Tamarind Beach restaurant
23:10:03 11:00.jpg
Sunset from Bungalow Number 7, Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan256 viewsWe stayed on Nusa Lembongan for only one night. We both hope to go back there for longer. We stayed at Bungalow Number 7 (which is actually a collection of bungalows). The facilities are basic, but you get a (cold) shower, a fan and a bed. The island only has electricity between 3pm and 8am, so the fan doesn't work outside those hours.
14:10:03 06:56.jpg
Honeymoon cake239 viewsWe received a complimentary "Happy Honeymoon" chocolate cake
24:10:03 00:51.jpg
Ferry to Sanur from Nusa Lembongan231 viewsThe journey out to Nusa Lembongan made us both feel seasick, but the jouney back, although much rougher, didn't have the same effect. It could be that we had a better place on the boat.
23:10:03 11:01_2.jpg
Bungalow Number 7, Nusa Lembongan228 views
15:10:03 10:53.jpg
Sunset near Tanah Lot226 views
17:10:03 02:54.jpg
Rangda attacks the Prime Minister225 viewsThe white-haired creature with long finger nails is the Rangda, a witch. Witches always wear stripey trousers (which should make them easy to spot).
17:10:03 02:44.jpg
Traditional Balinese Dance222 viewsWe went to a Barong and Kris Dance. It started with a short piece about a tiger, a monkey and some woodcutters. After that two dancers came on.
15:10:03 10:54.jpg
Other temples near Tanah Lot220 viewsThere are many other buildings and temples built on the shore near Tanah Lot, with quite a few shops and postcard sellers catering for tourists.
17:10:03 02:45_1.jpg
Two dancers perform the Legong dance220 views
23:10:03 08:35.jpg
Victoria, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan220 views
23:10:03 08:10.jpg
View over Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan219 viewsAfter catching some sun, we relaxed at a clifftop restaurant by Mushroom Bay.
23:10:03 05:08_2.jpg
Jungut Batu on Nusa Lembongan217 views
15:10:03 10:56.jpg
Sunset from Tanah Lot beach213 views
17:10:03 03:08_1.jpg
The Rangda again, with a monkey on the left.213 views
15:10:03 10:48.jpg
Visitors to Tanah Lot210 viewsEach sunset sees many tourists and locals visiting Tanah Lot, as its location on the south-west coast of Bali makes it an idea location for viewing the sunsets. Under the cliffs on the right of the picture, holy coral snakes live, which you can see for a suitable donation.
23:10:03 08:09.jpg
Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan209 views
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